Show of hands: How many of you have ever been 5 minutes late for something because you couldn’t remember where you put your phone? I can’t see you, but I’m gonna assume that 99% of you have your hands in the air, and the remaining 1% is a bunch of filthy liars. I personally have spent countless hours of my life on my knees, tearing my home apart only to find that my that my phone was crammed between couch cushions, rolled up in a blanket, or, for some reason, buried in the vegetable crisper. If Apple were to include an external keychain remote with with every device they sell, they could ensure that no phone is ever lost again. Just click the panic button and to set off a loud, blaring alarm that will instantly let you find whatever bizarre place you left your iPhone. I mean, think about. Cars have panic buttons, and while I lose phones all the time, I’ve only ever misplaced two cars.

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